Why York Law

Because we are different to other law firms!

We strive to resolve our clients’ matters quickly and cost effectively. We understand the emotional and financial stress that separation causes are committed to resolving cases as soon as practicable so that our clients can move on with their lives.

York Law’s approach to clients’ separation is to provide a holistic advice and path. We do this by getting to know the client and their estate planning needs. A financial settlement is one that strives to protect and enhance a client’s estate plan. At York Law, a financial settlement is not about “cutting the cake” – the focus is on “how to cut the cake” so as to cause least financial damage.

We therefore partner with other professionals particularly the client’s financial advisers, estate planning experts, accountants and clients’ commercial lawyers to work out a solution geared to maximising clients’ financial position after relationship or marriage breakdown. Those advisers are integral to and form part of the solution.

At York Law our 100% commitment and focus is on the client. We are proactive and look at the “big picture”. We look for solutions outside the box. York’s mission is to minimise our clients’ emotional and financial stress that separation and marriage breakdown brings.

In parenting cases we have breadth and depth of experience having acted in numerous cases involving intractable conflict, sexual abuse cases and others. With Nabil being on the panel of Independent Children’s Lawyers (ICL), Nabil acts not only for parties in parenting matters but he regularly acts and has acted for nearly the last 20 years for children in family law parenting cases. His experience in that regard is a major advantage to parties in parenting cases.