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Nabil Wahhab (Director) writes for Money Management magazine. Money Management provides accurate, informative and insightful editorial coverage of the Australian financial services market, covering topics such as taxation, managed funds, property investments, shares, risk insurance, master trusts, superannuation and SMSFs, margin lending, financial planning and advice, portfolio construction and investment strategies.

  • 11th September, 2013

    Cracks appear in super splitting law

    Super splitting laws were supposed to make life easier for divorcing clients – but as Nabil Wahhab reports, when they are reviewed in conjunction with binding death nominations, they might just have m…

  • 30th April, 2009

    The de facto law revolution

    Couples should be aware of new laws relating to de facto relationships, writes Nabil Wahhab.

    On March 1, 2009, the new de facto law on relationship break- down took effect in all …

  • 16th February, 2006

    Protecting clients from their children

    Parents are increasingly offering financial assistance to children and their spouses when buying a home. But what happens if the marriage fails? Peter Bobbin and Nabil Wahhab look at the legal implica…

  • 28th July, 2005

    Discovering the true cost of infidelity

    For clients with a wandering eye, a cohabitation agreement may save them from financial strife. Nabil Wahhab explains.

    Download and read the full Money Management article here : Discovering the tru…

  • 21st April, 2005

    Divorce – stuck in the middle

    A client’s divorce can be a financial planning opportunity, as long as you can avoid the minefields.

    Download and read the full Money Management article here : Divorce – stuck in the middle…

  • 5th February, 2004

    Don’t go breaking my…..BFA

    Some say Family Law is boring – but not when the likes of Jodee and Maxine Rich are involved. Nabil Wahhab reports.

    Download and read the full Money Management article here : Don’t go breaking my…..

  • 31st July, 2003

    Super trustees breathe a sigh of relief

    The super splitting law is not as complicated as first thought, Nabil Wahhab says.

    Download and read the full Money Management article : Super trustees breath a sigh of relief…

  • 15th August, 2002

    Property rights for all but capital gains tax still unfair

    Financial advisers need to be aware of the tax and property rights implications following the passage of new legislation passed by the NSW Parliament in June 1999. Nabil Wahhab reports the consequence…

  • 18th April, 2002

    Marriage break-up – a planner’s nightmare

    Recent amendments to the Family Law Act enabling divorced couples to split their supperannuation brings a new level of complexity for financial advisors. Nabil Wahhab reports on what planners need to …