York Corporate LEAP

We are proactive and look at the “big picture”

York Corporate LEAP (Legal Employee Assistance Program) is a ground-breaking initiative for employers to implement in the workplace.  The Program allows us at York Law to partner with you (the employer) where we provide specialist family law advice and representation to your key staff in the event that a key staff member goes through marriage or relationship break down. For an organisation that recognises the value of their employees, marriage or relationship breakdown impacts upon a person’s work performance, productivity, enjoyment of work and accidents or mistakes being made at work.

Trying to find the ‘right lawyer’ is not an easy task.  Many people in fact choose the ‘wrong lawyer’. Its costs your employee time and money.  It will also cost your business money as the employee’s energies are directed towards the task of finding the ‘right lawyer’.  Our partnership with your business gives the employee the confidence and peace of mind that the advice and representation they will receive is accurate and competent and allows the key staff member to resolve their family law issues in a cost effective way and as quickly as possible.

Research shows that separation or divorce has a direct impact on productivity at work. An employee may be worried about the financial consequences of separation or divorce, spending time with their children or child support.  The loss of productivity can take various forms including sick leave, loss of concentration, attitude problems and mistakes that may have a significant impact on business productivity and profitability.

Because of the devastating impact that separation or divorce has on any person and the consequent effect such breakdown has on their performance in the workplace, you, as the employer, would be concerned to minimise the impact on the employee so they can get their life in order as soon as possible.

More and more businesses are implementing or have already implemented an employee assistance program aimed at facilitating counselling for their key staff.  However, this is not enough.  Employees need accurate and competent legal advice when their relationship or marriage breaks down.  While most cases settle without going to Court, having the right lawyer as early as possible can make a difference to the speed of resolution and outcome.

At York Law our York Corporate LEAP program provides special benefits to employees of medium to large organisations that are members of our YC-LEAP. The York Corporate LEAP is designed for your organization to provide expert advice, resources and representation.